Steel City Metal, Inc. offers welding, fabrication, powder coating, and sandblasting services for commercial machinery, parts, and custom builds. 

What We Offer?

Let us know how Steel City Metal, Inc. can become your provider for commercial metal fabrication and welding. Our efficiency is unparalleled and our expertise is top notch. With over 30 years in the industry, we know what works for our clients and we’re sure we can make it work for you!

Commercial Welding

For commercial industries, Steel City can offer repair and build services to keep equipment running efficiently, design appropriate, and facilities in tip-top shape. With our years of experience in the fields of welding, we are able to offer a number of services to help with your metal fabrication needs, including:

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Commercial Fabrication

Steel City Metal, Inc. uses quality metals and experience to fabricate conveyors, commercial sinks, metal shelving, awnings, and guardrails. 

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Commercial Powdercoating and Sandblasting

We offer extensive experience and capabilities to ensure your satisfaction with your metal powder coating and sandblasting needs. We can customize your project directly from a drawing and specifications or we can use your ideas to custom design your project. 

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Industrial, Commerical, and Residential

Metal Working Services

Steel City Metal Inc. has over 30 years of experience delivering top quality service all over Alabama for any residential, commercial, or industrial project

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